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"BONMARSHE" is a commercial base with the largest scale in the Pazardzhik region (Bulgaria) and function as such since 1998.
Main business: Renting of warehouses, shops and offices.
The base is situated on an area of 42 acres and offers:
- Own indoor warehouses with sizes from 25 to 1400 sq.m.
- Shops - from 25 to 180 sq.m.
- Open space
- Parking – over 50 pcs.
Prices for rental warehouses: from 3 to 10 BGN/sq.m.
Prices for rental shops: from 4 to 10 BGN/sq.m.
Prices for rental stores: from 70 to 90 BGN for 25 sq.m. office area.
Commercial base is fully enclosed and has three separate entrances. The new infrastructure provides easy access. Over 130 companies dealing in food and other products are our tenants.
Extremely convenient location:
- 300 m from the railway station;
- 9 km of the A1 highway ("Trakia" highway);
- 100 km from Sofia;
- 350 km from the port.
"BONMARSHE" Company also performs construction and investment activity, building residential complexes in Sunny Beach and Sofia. See more>>
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